Our Sewage Treatment Plant’s – Main Highlights

  • Polypropylene tanks guaranteed for 20 years.
  • No Noise
  • Patented technology for odor control
  • Lowest electricity consumption
  • Capacities ranging from 1 KLD to 1 MLD
  • Patented bio-block media guaranteed for 20 years
  • Lowest real estate footprint
  • Simple, reliable and scalable
  • In ground & above ground installation
  • Over 6000 installations worldwide
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PRODUCTS (Sewage Treatment Plant ‘s)

Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer


Waterneer Biokube Classic Solution!

Engineering excellence through few standardized component

STP India

  • Recirculation against smell included
  • Sludge storage included
  • Load balancing included


Waterneer BioKube Classic solution!

Waterneer BioKube credibility through 5000 running systems globally

Best Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Test results are public
  • Patented technology
  • All necessary approvals & ISO certified