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The Danish cleaning requirements for wastewater are among the strictest in the world and meet all of BioKube treatment plants naturally .
The cleaning results for all BioKube treatment plants regularly reported to the local environmental authorities for each of the statutory annual service visit . Every year the BioKube also clean results for all treatment plants in Denmark . See cleaning results here .
You can here on a map, see the cleaning results for all BioKuber in Denmark.

The world is experiencing an increasing scarcity of fresh water resources. It is therefore essential to eliminate sewage contamination of water reserves . BioKube will contribute to significant growth in exports of Danish environmental technology to the areas that are threatened by lack of clean water . Demand for reuse of treated wastewater in the immediate area are steadily increasing, especially in the planet’s dry regions . Therefore, we are dedicated to providing water treatment in the world for safe recycling for nature and people.


 BioKube committed to further develop and optimize our technology so that our customers always can safely leave sewage treatment to us.
Our customers can be safe in the knowledge that we always meet regulatory requirements with minimum resource consumption and no hassle for the customer. The customer must feel that there is no hassle with a BioKube .


 We give 20 year warranty on cleaning requirements from your BioKube mini wastewater treatment plants to meet regulatory discharge requirements .
See here why you have a warranty that is long better than a guarantee that something mechanical works for 2 years , you eat with the other products. If they give warranty.
BioKube also gives additional warranty on mechanical parts.

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BioKube for 60 – 200 m3 /day

BioKube Uranus systems will treat from 60 – 200 m3 /day in one standard 20 or 40 foot open top shipping container. The systems are built to handle the extra stress of frequent beeing moved. The Two Uranus in 20 foot containers pictured below are used by the Japanese Army at a temporary military camp in Djibuti on the Horn in Africa.

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BioKube for 50 – 2.000 m3/day

BioKube BioReactor system is built of standard moduele each cleaning from 60 to 110 m3 /day. The BioReactor system pictured below is built of 8 BioReactor 150 moduels each cleaning 110 m3 / day. A BioReactot 150 moduel measures 228 x 220 cm. For shipment the moduels fit into a standard shipping container.

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BioKube for 10 – 75 m3/day

BioKube Jupiter system is built of moduels each cleaning 10 – 75 m3 / day. A BioKube Jupiter 75 moduel pictured below measures 216 x 395 cm. For shipment the moduels fit into a standard shipping container.

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BioKube for 5 – 20 houses

BioKube Mars is designed to treat waste water from 5 – 20 houses. Below two Mars 3000 installed at a school in Polen. The system is designed to treats 15 m3 / day.

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BioKube for 1 – 4 houses

BioKube Pluto and Venus are designed to treat wastewater from a single house.

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