In Biokube we work towards conserving water resources as locally as possible, whether it’s in Denmark or abroad. That’s why we develop and produce biological solutions for decentralized wastewater treatment. It offers optimal conditions for the environment for a minimum of costs.

World Wide Waste Water Cleaning

The world is experiencing an increasing scarcity of fresh water resources. It is therefore essential to eliminate sewage contamination of water reserves. Demand for reuse of treated wastewater in the are steadily increasing worldwide. We believe it is simply common sense to recycle both water and valuable nutrients from the wastewater across the globe. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing wastewater treatment in the world for the safe recycling of nature and people.

How do we ensure the best possible environment for the customer?                       

BioKube strives to optimize and develop our technology so that our customers always can safely leave the wastewater to us. Our clients must be safe in the knowledge that we always meet regulatory requirements with minimal resources and without hassle for the customer. Most of our solutions are applicable in areas without adequate infrastructure or access to specialists in wastewater. Our solutions must be able to work unsupervised with minimum maintenance requirements and maximum efficiency without compromising on customer requirements for clean water.

Energy consumption and CO2

BioKube intends to use the least possible energy to clean wastewater. Therefore the systems are designed to use the minimum power considering the load and cleaning requirements. The plants have a low weight and a compact size, which results in energy consumption for the production, transportation and installation is minimized.

Relationship with regulators and stakeholders in the waste water industry

Based on our many operating results BioKube has had a unique opportunity to build up expertise on decentralized sewerage treatment plants.

We want to have an open dialogue with regulators, enforcers and other stakeholders in the waste water engineering field and share our knowledge with them in order to ensure the fullest possible transparency for the sake of the surrounding environment. In addition, we consider it as a prerequisite for a long-term presence in the market.



Biokube’s purifiers sold to areas of the world where water scarcity is so great that you want to reuse the treated wastewater for secondary purposes .

Recycling , for example irrigation means that besides water can also recycle nutrients from the wastewater. This means it takes less energy to clean nutrients from the wastewater. We regard this as a very viable solution.

In cases where you want to recycle the waste water is essential for us to ensure that waste undergoes pasteurization , for example . with ultraviolet light and / or filtration after the biological treatment . Thus we ensure that recycling is done without risk of spreading germs and diseases.


BioKube As a development strategy to develop ever more efficient systems with continuous reduction of energy consumption .

In addition, we wish to develop systems that can purify wastewater using decentralized renewable energy sources.

We also work to continuously optimize operations and resource use on already installed systems .


BioKube or its partners and sub-contractors serve the majority of all systems installed. We aim that all service , maintenance and replacement of components takes place during scheduled service visits . This means that spare parts and components replaced immediately prior to the expected end of life, so that there is no need for alarm and further to drive a particular installation. This means that we minimize the consumption of resources in the service department for the benefit of beehive and our customers.

In systems with requirements for phosphorus removal using BioKube polyaluminum as precipitant liquid. The liquid reacts with the waste water and ensure that phosphorus is precipitated as sludge in the settling tank in front of the treatment plant. BioKube strives to reduce the need for precipitating liquid as possible. This is done by adjusting the dosage , taking into account waste water volume and concentration. In addition, we have developed a natural sorptionsfilter , which contributed to a 40 % reduction of the total amount of precipitation liquid. Sorptionsfiltret has the advantage that the phosphorus will increasingly be reused in the culture circuit.


Sales and marketing

BioKube endeavor that most sales and marketing materials distributed electronically in order to avoid unnecessary use of paper and other print materials.

In addition, we strive to make the most important part of our relationship -building marketing is done through visits to the customer service engineer , which is already running in the area or seminars where we gather more customers at a central spot. It is also our policy to use local wastewater treatment plants in operation as an important focal point in sales, thus ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of installation, technology and operation of wastewater treatment plants before purchase.

Quality Assurance

BioKube’s working determinedly to ensure the quality of our products and work.  This is among others done through the assignment of quality assuring tasks to the relevant employees and stakeholders as shown in  the below organizational chart.

Design and operation

All plants BioKube services will be the subject of analysis. We aim that the mean value of all the cleaning results are below current treatment standards to a secure and sustainable degree.

Environmental Standards

Biokubes products are certified by the Danish approval scheme and after the pan-European harmonized standard CEN 12566-3 . They also respond products up to the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Procurement of Supplies

BioKube purchaser and consumer eco-labeled detergents . We aim to act in the community and thereby contribute to the maintenance of a local business environment.


BioKube want at any time that employees feel the joy of going to work and that

work must be done in a safe and secure environment in which everyone feels comfortable physically and psychologically. Our overall policy in this area is described in the employee handbook . Below is a brief summary of the major points:

  • All employees are offered pension and health insurance.
  • We want to secure that the injuries are avoided. Therefore the safety rules or other professional advice.
  • Safety Committee consisting of the director , the technical manager and bookkeeper .
  • The risk assessment evaluated annually by all employees. The records held by the bookkeeper . In APV , are relevant workplace instructions for the current chemicals, etc. . , Used in the enterprise
  • We encourage appropriate training and qualification .
  • In the case of child’s first day of illness , it is possible hjemmedag .
  • BioKube enrolled industry maternity fund and give full pay during maternity .
  • Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated together in the office and eating breakfast together on Friday.
  • The Company will pay one annual Christmas party for employees in addition to that we aim to hold a summer event , to the extent that time and resources permit. Summer event sought incurred as a motion event.


Guidelines for BioKube , our suppliers and distributors

1 Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining

We , our suppliers and distributors recognizes and respects employees’ right to freely associate , organize and bargain collectively in accordance with the laws of the countries in which they are employed.

2 Forced Labor

We , our suppliers and distributors prohibit any use of forced labor, debt bondage , non-cancellable contracts or involuntary prison labor. All work , including overtime is voluntary and workers are free to leave upon reasonable notice. It is not required that workers must provide government-issued identification ; passports or work permits as a condition of employment .

3 Child labor

We , our suppliers and distributors shall not use child labor . Children under school age shall be employed .

4 Discrimination

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination in hiring and employment practices on the basis of race , color , religion , sex, sexual orientation, age , physical condition , health status , political opinion , nationality, social or ethnic origin , trade union membership or marital status.

5 Working hours

We , our suppliers and distributors must comply with the applicable national legislation on working time. Working time should never exceed 60 hours per . week, incl . overtime . However, there may be disregarded in case of emergency and abnormal situations . Suppliers must ensure that all overtime is voluntary and compensated in accordance with the applicable overtime rates. Suppliers are encouraged to ensure that workers have a weekly day off in every seven-day period .

6 Compensation

We , our suppliers and distributors must at least comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding pay and working hours , including provisions relating to minimum wages , overtime, piece rates and other forms of remuneration, and to make available the benefits available that is required by law.

 7 Human rights

We , our suppliers and distributors support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and ensure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses .

8 Harassment , brutal or inhuman treatment

We , our suppliers and distributors to create and maintain an environment that treats all employees with dignity and respect . Use of threats of violence or other forms of verbal or psychological harassment or abuse as not tolerated or accepted.

9 Health and Safety

We , our suppliers and distributors must ensure safe and healthy working under all relevant legislation . At a minimum , ensure that employees have full access to safe drinking water and sanitation , fire protection, emergency preparedness and contingency plans , skin protectants , adequate lighting and ventilation , prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses as well as mechanical protection. The same standards apply to canteen facilities.

10 Chemicals and hazardous materials:

Chemical and other materials posing a hazard if released to the environment must be identified and controlled in such a way as to ensure the safe handling , movement , storage , recycling or disposal.

11 Wastewater and Solid Waste :

Waste water and solid waste generated from the production , industrial processes and sanitation facilities must be monitored , controlled and treated as required prior to discharge or disposal.

12 Emissions of air pollutants:

Emissions of volatile organic chemicals , aerosols, corrosives , particulates , ozone depleting chemicals and by-products of combustion , obtained from production to be characterized, monitored and treated as required prior to discharge or disposal.

 13 Minimize waste , maximize recycling:

Waste of all types, including water and energy, should be reduced or eliminated at source or through methods such . modifying production , maintenance and facility processes , materials replacement , preservation, recovery and recycling of materials.

14 Corruption:

We , our suppliers and distributors must maintain the highest level of moral and ethical behavior , respect national laws and should in no way be involved in corruption, including extortion , fraud or corruption .


  • Our suppliers must encourage / have their own suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they also strive to live up to the principles of this Code or similar .