The Core of Waterneer BioKube’s Technology

The Waterneer Biokube Classic Solution

Waterneer Biokube Submerged aerated filters(SAF) Technology

Clarifier after bio zone for settling biological sludge:

  • Submerged aerated filters (SAF) is the heart of the biological treatment
  • Clarifier ensures low SS by settling biological sludge
  • Bio-sludge continuously removed to the septic tank

Waterneer Biokube technology – After treatment, Disinfection

  • Raw sewage is high in waterborne disease-causing organisms called pathogens
  • To remove pathogens microorganisms from wastewater (Viruses, bacteria, helminthes, protozoa)
  • The effectiveness of disinfection depends on the susceptibility of target organisms, contact time and dose or concentration of disinfectant
  • Four different disinfection processes
    • UV light radiation
    • Ozonation
    • Bag filter (for nematodes)
    • Chlorination (Not allowed in UK)